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How do I lodge a warranty claim?Updated a month ago

We are sorry if you are experiencing some troubles with one of your KickAss products. Lodging a warranty claim is simple and straight forward. Please follow the steps below and our Service and Warranty team will gladly assist:

  1. Go to Product Guides & Troubleshooting
  2. Locate your product within the product categories
  3. Open the article 'Support Form' on your selected product
  4. Complete and submit the support form

Please note: there are many factors that come into play when troubleshooting 12v products, such as the power source, charging, wiring, connected accessories, protective components such as fuses/VSR's, the location of the product, and even the environment. In saying so, the more information you can provide us regarding your product and setup, the easier it will be for our team to diagnose and troubleshoot your concern. This will also drastically reduce the time it takes to reach a conclusion/resolution. 

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