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FAQ's - 12V Control HubUpdated 15 days ago

For more information on the 12V Control Hub, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What variations of the KickAss Control Hub are available?

We currently have two options available for the Control Hub:

  1. Control Hub without a DCDC Charger
  2. Control Hub with an integrated 20amp DCDC Charger

What are the dimensions of the Control Hub?

The dimensions for the Control Hub are: 400mm W x 305mm H x 80mm D

How many appliances can the Control Hub power?

The Control Hub has an amazing 15 connection points for all your appliance:

  1. 5 x Rocker Switches (Switch 1&2 20A combined, Switch 3, 4, 5, 20A each) 
  2. 4 x Flush Mount Anderson Connections (50A combined per bank)
  3. 2 x Cigarette Sockets (10A each)
  4. 2 x USB Ports (2.4A each)
  5. 1 x Quick Charge USB Port (5V/ 3.1A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/ 1.5A)
  6. 1 x USB-C Port (45W)

Please note that the power ratings above are maximums. If you exceed the above voltages the safety fuses for the connection point will blow.



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