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FAQ's - 105Ah Ultra Slim Lithium BatteryUpdated 13 days ago

For more information on the 105ah Ultra Slim Lithium Battery, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What remote display can I use with the KickAss ultra Slim 105ah battery?

Both the KickAss Lithium remote display and the Lithium mini power box are compatible with the 105Ah ultra slim battery. The KickAss shunt remote display will also work.

Is the Ultra Slim 105ah Lithium Battery compatible with any battery trays?

The 105ah Lithium battery is a unique size battery that does not fit any of our battery trays. The battery is designed to save as much space as possible with its our mounting points, thus not requiring a mounting tray. 

How much does the Ultra Slim 105ah Lithium Battery weigh?

The Ultra Slim 105ah only weighs 16.5kg.

What size inverter can a Ultra Slim 105ah Lithium Battery power?

Power up to a 1200W inverter using one of the 175A red high powered Anderson connections. 

What are the dimensions of the Ultra Slim 105ah Lithium Battery?

The maximum dimensions of the battery are 640mm L x 307mm W x 66mm H


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