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Recall NoticeUpdated a month ago

KickAss Portable Camping Hot Water System - Gas Hose (SKU: KAHWSGAS8)

Recall only applies to units supplied before July 17. 2023

What's wrong with the Gas Hot Water System?

The hot water system itself is perfectly safe and efficient. Through some feedback and testing, however, we have identified a potential risk with the gas hose connection provided with certain units. In the affected hose connections, the brass fitting that connects the gas hose to the hot water unit has an internal rubber washer. This rubber washer has been identified as being at risk of falling out. If it does fall out, the hose will be insufficiently sealed and there could be a potential gas leak. 

Over the years there have been three variations of hoses supplied, two of which have the potential problem. So, depending on which unit you have, you may already have the correct hose. To be safe, however, we strongly urge you to check your gas hose connection.

How to identify the faulty variation of gas hose:

Please watch this video, which will help you identify which hose you have and whether you need a replacement.

Can you keep using the KickAss Instant Gas Hot Water System? 

If you have identified that you have a faulty gas hose and that the rubber seal is not present, you should stop using your hot water system immediately. If you have a faulty gas hose but the rubber seal is still present (ie, it has not fallen out), we still encourage you to request a replacement.

How to request a replacement: 

Visit the product replacement form page and submit your details. We will send you a replacement hose, free of charge. You should throw away your current hose.

What hose will be sent as a replacement?

We will send you a replacement gas hose with a new connection where the rubber washer is firmly attached and cannot fall out. Note that the other end of your gas hose (the end that connects to your gas bottle) will have a new LCC27 appliance connection, as mandated by Australian law.

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