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Pricing TermsUpdated a month ago

When purchasing a product through KickAss you enter a sales contract with us which is dictated by certain rules.

All prices available on the website are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are GST inclusive but have a delivery cost added to the final price. This pricing is subject to change without notice. 

Price Matching

When viewing a product on the website, the purchase price will be shown at the time of the order being placed. This price may not be the same or match the prices in any of our other stores for the same product and KickAss is not obliged or required to match these prices.


Sales periods and promotions are dictated by stock levels or a defined date which is not required to be published. All sale or promotion opening and completion dates are final, the previous price will not be offered unless otherwise specified. For this reason we suggest reading the specific conditions and timelines that apply to each promotion to ensure you don’t miss out on a deal.

KickAss is not required to provide any price variance compensation or refunds due to the changing of prices outside of sales periods, promotions, exclusive offers or on clearance items. KickAss reserves the right to alter sales and promotion timelines.

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