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FAQ's - Portable Induction CooktopUpdated 15 days ago

For more information on the Portable Induction Cooktop, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pots and pans can you use with the induction cooktop?

The following list of pots and pans can be used with the induction cooktop. Note: it is always best to check your cookware to see if it is compatible with induction cooktops before use:

Do not use plastic or aluminum cookware products with the induction cooktop.

How do you use the timer function on the induction cooktop?

  1. Place a pan on top of the induction cooktop
  2. Turn on the cooktop using the On/Off button
  3. Press the Function button and select desired mode (Soup, Water, Fry, Hotpot etc.)
  4. Select the desired cooking power or temperature using the + and - buttons
  5. Press the Timer button to activate the timer function. The display will display 0:00
  6. Use the + and - buttons to set desired time. 
  7. Once you have set the desired time, wait a few seconds until the display stops blinking, this indicated that the timer has started. Note: the display will alternate between the time remaining and the power/temp.


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