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FAQ's - Lithium KickCharge 300Updated 4 days ago

For more information on the Lithium KickCharge 300, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size solar panel can you use with the KickCharge 300?

It is recommended to use a solar panel up to 80W with a maximum of 24V. 

What is the wireless charge rate of the KickCharge 300 wireless charging pad?

The wireless charging pad charges at 7.5W.

Can you use the cigarette sockets while charging the KickCharge 300?

Yes, you can use the cig power supply sockets as you charge the unit. 

Note: DC input port and USB-C Input/Output port cannot work at the same time. 

How do you charge the KickCharge 300?

You can charge the unit four different ways: USB-C cable, 70W AC adapter, solar panel, or USB PD car charger. 

How much does the KickCharge 300 weigh?

The unit weighs approximately 2.95kg's.



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