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FAQ's - Lithium Battery Box Power StationUpdated 13 days ago

For more information on the Lithium Battery Box Power Station, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KickAss Lithium Power Station water proof?

The power station has been designed to be as resistant to moisture and dust as possible, though it is not waterproof. The power station should not be left exposed to rain or weather, nor submerged in water. 

Can you jump start a vehicle with a KickAss Lithium Power Station?

The power station has been design with a battery management system (BMS) to protect your lithium battery. Should more then 100A be drawn from your battery, the BMS will alarm and shut down the load to protect your battery. Jump starting will often require more than 100A draw from your battery, so it is not recommended to jump start with the Lithium Battery Box. 

Can I plug my 12v fridge directly into the battery box?

Yes, you can plug your 12v fridge directly into the battery box via one of the cigarette sockets or Anderson inputs. 


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