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FAQ's - Gas Hot Water SystemUpdated 10 days ago

For more information on the Gas Hot Water System, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The supplied gas hose with my Hot Water Unit doesn't fit my gas bottle?

In 2021, Australian gas regulations were updated, altering the required connection type from the old POL (Type 21) to the LCC27 fitting. All KickAss Gas Hot Water Units are sold with the mandated LCC27 female fitting on the gas hose. What is the difference between the fittings:

If you have a gas cylinder with the old style POL fitting, you can continue to use the cylinder until it reaches its current 10-year testing date. However, in order to use the KickAss Gas Hot Water Unit, you must purchase or swap your current gas bottle with a replacement that has a LCC27 fitting.

Can I plumb the Gas Hot Water Unit in a permanent application?

No, the Gas Hot Water Unit is intended for temporary camping solutions and its not intended to be used in a permanent applications. 

What are the dimensions of the Gas Hot Water Unit?

The main unit without hoses of connections measures at 300mm W x 150mm D x 490mm H.


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