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FAQ's - Flexicharge 32A Smart ChargerUpdated 13 days ago

For more information on the 32A Flexicharge, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you adjust the charging rate on the Flexicharge 32A Smart Charger?

You sure can! The smart charger has 3 charging modes, 8A, 16A, and 32A to suit a large array of batteries. Just be sure to check your batteries maximum charge current (Amps), prior to charging your battery for the first time. The charger battery mode must not exceed your batteries maximum charge rate. Please refer to the table below for KickAss battery specifications:

BatteryMaximum Charge CurrentRecommended Charge Mode
120ah AGM (Regular & Slim)25A16A
170ah AGM37.5A32A
105ah Slimline Lithium100A32A
100ah Lithium100A32A
120ah Lithium (Regular & Slim)50A32A
200ah Lithium100A32A

What types of batteries can the Flexicharge 32A charge?

The charger is compatible with AGM, Lithium, Lead Acid, and Gel battery types.

What are the dimensions of the Flexicharge 32A Smart Charger?

Exterior: 87mm H x 152mm W x 298mm L

Power Cord Length: 1850mm

Anderson Cord Length: 1600mm

Anderson to Alligator Clamps: 650mm


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