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FAQ's - Fixed Glass Solar Panel RangeUpdated 10 days ago

For more information on the Fixed Solar Panel range, please visit the product homepages: 170w Fixed Solar Panel, 250w Fixed Solar Panel, 350w Fixed Solar Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

What size/models of fixed solar panels does KickAss sell?

We have just expanded our range of fixed solar panels that includes: 170W, 250W, and 350W. 

What are the dimensions of the fixed solar panels?

LengthWidthDepth (including mounts)
170W Panel1315mm706mm67mm
250W Panel1725mm765mm67mm
350W Panel1850mm1015mm67mm

What type of cells are in the fixed solar panels?

A-grade monocrystalline cells

Do you sell a mounting kit for KickAss fixed solar panels?

Yes, we do! You can find our fixed solar panel mounting kit here on our online store.


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