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FAQ's - Cinema ProjectorUpdated 6 days ago

For more information on the Cinema Projector, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch streaming apps such as Netflix, Paramount, Amazon Prime, YouTube, 7+, Disney etc. on the projector?

Yes, you can! But please note, these apps are not installed on the projector itself, you must connect a secondary device to view these service.  

There are multiple ways that you can watch subscription apps. You can connect a laptop to your projector via HDMI or screen share via Bluetooth (limitation apply depending on your device). However the simplest method to watch these services is to use an Amazon Firestick. 

The Lite version is sufficient for this projector. While there is a 4K version available, the projector's resolution does not benefit from the 4K capability. You will still need subscriptions for services that require accounts, and an internet connection is necessary. In remote locations, pairing the Firestick with a Starlink device can provide internet access. 

Can I connect my wireless Bluetooth speaker to the projector?

Yes, the KickAss Projector is compatible with wireless Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to enjoy enhanced sound quality for your outdoor cinema experience.

What is the maximum resolution supported by the KickAss Projector? 

The KickAss Projector supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, providing clear and detailed images for your outdoor cinema experience. 

Can you mount the projector upside down?

Yes, you can install the projector upside down on a ceiling. All you need to do is set the image to invert downward. Simply click the "Screen Flip" button on the remote. 

What distance does the projector need to be from a projection screen?

Screen Size (inch)
Projection Distance (m)


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