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FAQ's - 500A Battery Monitoring ShuntUpdated 16 days ago

For more information on the 500A Battery Monitoring Shunt, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum current the shunt can monitor?

The shunt is rated to 500A continuous draw

What does the B- and P- stand for on the shunt?

B- is the Battery Negative side of the shunt that must be connected to the negative terminal of the battery. 

P- is the Power Negative side of the shunt where all load and charging negative cables must be connected. 

What do the abbreviations stand for on the shunt display?

  • CAP - Battery Capacity: the effective capacity of the battery is measured in Ah
  • FCV - Full Cell Voltage - the maximum charge voltage of the battery
  • LCA - Low Capacity Alarm - alarm for when your battery falls below the set value
  • ZVC - Low Cell Voltage - the voltage of your battery when flat
  • POV - Power of Voltage - the voltage at which your screen will go to sleep
  • ATT - Battery Attenuation Ratio - the rate which the effective capacity of the battery declines per cycle


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