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FAQ's - 45L Single Zone FridgeUpdated 12 days ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the Bluetooth app with my 45L Single Zone Fridge?

First, download the 'KickAss Products Main' app on your IOS or Android device. 

Open the app and find the device with the matching ID to your fridge (KickAss00xxxx). The four digits (xxxx) can be found by pressing the V button on the control board of your fridge. Once identified, selecting your fridge on the app with prompt you to enter a password. The password is '00xxxx', where the xxxx corresponds to the device ID you found previously. You should be all set. 

What are the dimension of the 45L Single Zone Fridge?

The exterior dimension of the fridge are: 494mm H x 620mm W x 430mm D

Large food basket: 330mm H x 280mm W x 290mm D 

Small food basket: 100mm H x 175mm W x 100mm D

What is the cooling temperature range of the 45L Single Zone Fridge?

The 45L Single Zone Fridge has a cooling temperature range of -18 to 10 degrees Celsius. 


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