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FAQ's - 40A DCDC ChargerUpdated 16 days ago

For more information on the 40A DCDC Charger, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

My 40A DCDC charger gets really hot, is this normal?

Yes, they are designed to run up to 80 degrees Celsius. The case is a passive heat exchange, the harder the charger is working the hotter the unit will get. If the charger is located in an enclosed space of hot environment the temperature of the unit will be amplified.

What size solar panel can I use with the 40A DCDC charger?

You can use up to 500W of solar with the 40A DCDC. Please note that the solar input voltage cannot exceed 32V.

Why do I need the Heavy Duty wiring kit for the 40A DCDC charger?

The 40A DCDC charger pulls a lot more current than our 20A model, thus requiring a thicker gage wire (6AWG) for efficiency and safety. 

What battery types can be used with the 40A DCDC charger?

GEL, AGM, WET, Calcium, and Lithium battery types

How do I change battery types on the 40A DCDC charger?

When the auxiliary battery is connected, press and hold the Mode button for 2-4 seconds, upon releasing the button, the battery type LED will move to the next battery type. Repeat this step until your required battery type LED is selected.

Can I install the 40A DCDC charger under my car bonnet?

No, we do not recommend this. It may damage the charger due to excessive heat.

Can a 40A DCDC charger reactivate a Lithium Battery from safe mode?

Yes, but it would take a great deal of time as the battery will only accept a minimal amount of input charge to restore the battery from safe mode. We recommend using a 240V Mains charger that has a Lithium activation mode.

Can the 40A DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger charge both 12V and 24V battery systems? 

Yes, the 40A DCDC Charger is designed to charge both 12V and 24V battery systems. It automatically detects the voltage of the connected battery and adjusts the charging process accordingly. This makes it versatile and suitable for various applications, whether you are using a 12V or a 24V system. 

Do I need to connect the temperature sensor on the 40A DCDC charger?

We recommend using the temp sensor in all scenarios, especially with AGM batteries. Connect the temperature sensor to the negative terminal of the battery. If the cable does not reach a Lithium battery, you can ignore connecting the temp sensor as the battery has its own protection (BMS).


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