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FAQ's - 22AMP 9 Stage ChargerUpdated 13 days ago

For more information on the 22amp 9 Stage Charger, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep the charger connected to the battery permanently?

We recommend to unplug charger after your battery is fully charged. Do not leave the connected charger unattended for long periods of time. 

How do I use Lithium Activation mode to wake up my battery from sleep mode?

1. Connect the charger to the battery

2. Plug the charger into an AC plug (wall socket)

3. Select Lithium mode

4. Press and hold the Mode button for more than 4 seconds

The charger will stay in Lithium Activation mode for 10 minutes, after which time the charger should have reactivated the BMS, waking up the battery, allowing for normal charging to resume.

Is it normal for the charger to sit in stage 5 for a long time?

Yes, this is completely normal. Stage 5 (absorption stage) may last up to 36 hours depending on the battery's capacity to hold charge when it reaches the desired charging mode voltage (see page 16 & 17 of the manual). The charge current tapers off over time, during this taper the charger is testing to see if the battery can hold voltage effectively. 

What capacity batteries can be charged using this unit?

You can charge batteries ranging from 15Ah to 300Ah.

The fan is too loud, can you turn it down?

The charger requires the fan when the unit get hot, this is often the case when charging in Fast Mode. But yes, you can turn off the fan, just note that this will reduce the charging rate, dropping the charging current to 5A. You can activate Quite/Night Mode from any charging mode (after pre-charging period) by holding down the Mode button for 5 seconds. Once activated the icons will flash indicating that Quite/Night Mode has been activated. To resume the previous charging mode, simply hold the Mode button down for 5 seconds.


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