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FAQ's - 12V/24V MPPT Solar Controllers - Red SeriesUpdated 8 days ago

For more information, please visit the product homepages: 20A MPPT, 40A MPPT

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the unit waterproof?

No, the MPPT units are not waterproof. It should not be mounted out in the elements.

Is the unit a power source for all my 12v accessories?

No, the MPPT chargers main function is to regulate solar charging to your battery bank. You can connect load to the MPPT as shown, but this is only recommended to power small accessories. As the load is powered by solar via the MPPT, it will not consistently power accessories such as a fridge that you need to run 24/7 as solar is only available throughout the day. It is highly recommended to use a control box or panel that draws power directly from your battery bank to run your accessories. 


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