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FAQ's - 100Ah Lithium BatteryUpdated 13 days ago

For more information on the 100ah Lithium Battery, please visit the product homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! Build a battery bank of up to 400Ah by connecting up to four batteries in parallel, or up to a 48V battery bank by connecting up to 4 batteries in series. You’ll never lose power again!  

What is the usable capacity of the battery?

Unlike AGM batteries that can only use 50% of their capacity, the KickAss 100AH Lithium Battery can use up to 80% of its capacity safely without risking damage. That gives you a whopping 80 usable amp hours, so you get extended power, longer-lasting charge, and the ability to keep your appliances running longer.  

What size inverter can I use with this battery?

The 150A continuous discharge BMS can run a 1200W inverter and still have plenty of power to keep your 12V appliances running. Need even more power? Link two batteries in parallel to achieve a 300A continuous discharge to power a 2000W or 3000W inverter – your whole system will operate seamlessly.   

What remote displays can I use with this battery?

The KickAss 100Ah battery is compatible with the KickAss Apple and Android mobile apps, but not with KickAss Lithium Remote Display Unit or KickAss Mini Power Box with screen. 

Can the 100ah Lithium Battery be placed on its side?

Yes! Due to the nature and structure of KickAss Lithium Batteries, you can safely place them on their side. This flexibility is great as it broadens your installation options.

SKU: KA12100-LION 

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