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KickAss Dc/Dc Charger Explanation
Explanation of PWM VS MPPT
Ultimate Dual Battery System Video
KickAss LED Lighting Kits
Gas Hot Water System Set Up

Orders and refunds

I need a copy of my invoice for my order. How do I get this?


Pre-Order vs In Stock
Paying with Zipmoney and Afterpay
Series vs Parallel Wiring
What is a pro rata warranty?


How long will the delivery of my order take?
How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?
My tracking number isn’t showing anything?
Rural Shipping Times
My shipping address is wrong


KickAss Fridge Troubleshooting
KickAss Inverter Troubleshooting
KickAss Batteries Troubleshooting
KickAss Solar Panel Troubleshooting

Product Information

DCDC Charger – Set Up Guide
AC Charger – Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
Foodsealer General Usage Guid

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