Product Part Recall

KickAss Portable Camping Hot Water System – Gas Hose

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Recall Only Applies To Units Supplied before July 17, 2023.

Additional FAQs Regarding Regulations for Gas Fittings

Please note that your previous gas hose may have an outdated gas regulator fitting compared to the replacement hose we are providing.
For more information please read below.

What happened to the normal gas cylinder connections? Why have they changed?

In October 2021, the Australian government made changes regarding the legislation around gas hose fittings in Australia. In October 2021, the existing gas hose connectors (POL connectors) began to be phased out and replaced with new LCC27 connectors. This was due to concerns about safety and potential gas leaks. In April 2022, the new LCC27 connectors became mandated by law on all gas appliances.

What was wrong with the old, Type 21 POL gas connector?

Until October 2021, POL connecters were the standard fittings used in portable LP gas cylinders in Australia. However, POL fittings have been deemed to be unreliable, as they pose a risk of gas leaks. There are multiple reasons that gas leaks are considered more likely with POL connections:

  • A safe, leak-free connection is wholly dependent on the user tightening the connection adequately, which can be difficult – especially if the gas bottle is old or clogged with grime & dust.
  • The thread-style connection was confusing for some users, because it opened in the opposite direction to many other thread-style connections used in every day life (eg, taps).
  • Gas was able to flow whenever the valve was opened, even if no appliance was attached.

Combined, all these elements increased the risk of a poor connection – which in turn increased the risk of a gas leak.

What is the new, Type 27 LCC27 connector, and why is it better?

The LCC27 fitting reduces the risk of gas leaks. It is considered much safer than its POL predecessor for the following reasons:

  • It has an integrated ‘check-valve’ that prevents the gas from flowing when the valve is opened, UNLESS an appliance is securely attached to the cylinder.
  • This check valve means the gas seal is achieved at the connection point, and is not dependent on how tightly the nut has been screwed by the user.
  • The right-handed connection thread is intuitive, easy to see, and tightens with an large plastic nut.
  • This large plastic nut is also designed to soften and expand should there be a fire at or near the gas cylinder – this means the fitting will automatically eject, which triggers the check-valve to cut off the gas flow.
What should I do if my gas battle has the old, POL connection?

Due to this government mandate, new appliances with the LCC27 fitting will not connect to gas bottles which have the old, POL valve. This is important to note. While some adapters are available, we do not recommend them as any adapter is an additional potential leakage point. Importantly, for gas installations in caravans, campers and motorhomes covered by standard AS/NZS 5601 (the standard regulations relating to the design, installation and commissioning of gas installations), adapters are expressly prohibited. For this reason, the best course of action is to replace your gas bottle with a new model which has the LC27 fitting – a small expense for safety and peace of mind.