KickAss LED Lighting Kits

This video will help run you through everything you need to know to get started with your light kit, how to use the different adapters and accessories, and ideas for how to best make use of the multitude of options. We cover absolutely everything:

0:00 Introduction
0:49 Kit Components
2:28 Single Light Setup
3:08 Single Dimmer Setup
3:50 2-Way Splitter Setup
4:25 Daisy Chain Light Setup
4:48 Using the Lights – Power
6:34 Using the Lights – Splitter
6:52 Using the Lights – Dimmers
7:15 Using the Lights – Extensions
7:42 Using the Lights – Magnetic Mounting
8:03 Using the Lights – Hook Mounting
9:15 Using the Lights – Finishing the setup
10:42 Final Setup Walkthrough