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KickAss Fridge Range

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cigarette and USB plugs on the front of my fridge aren’t working. Is it broken?

The cigarette and USB plugs on the front of the fridge will only operate when the fridge is powered by a 12 Volt power source.
If your fridge is currently powered by 12 volts and the plugs are not working, the fuse for the plug could be blown. The fuse is located behind the socket panel and can be easily changed. Send to someone who could fix it or file a ticket.

My fridge temperature keeps going up and down by a few degrees. Is this normal?

This is completely normal. The fridge will cycle the compressor to allow for minimum power usage when running. This results in the temperature varying by up to 3 degrees + or -.

If you would like to reduce this variance you can change the cooling speed to ‘Quick’.

How do I use the Bluetooth on the fridge?
To find out how to use the Bluetooth function on your fridge, please watch the following video.


How much ventilation does the fridge need?
5 Inches of Ventilation is required around all sides of the fridge to allow for fresh air to flow into the fridge and allow for efficient operation.
Can the fridge run on 240V and 12V at the same time?

The fridge should only have one power source connected at all times, although if both sources are connected the fridge will favour 240 Volt power.

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